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guitar setup

 this is meant to be an informative site. i avoided use
 of graphics and fancy design and chose just to present
 the information. the guides are presented in .txt format.

 this is a compilation of what i've learned from other 
 resources and found to work best for me. my goal was to
 provide the guides in simple terms that even someone with
 no experience could understand and maybe those who do 
 have experience will get some new ideas. enjoy!

*what is guitar setup?
 it generally consists of adjustments of the neck, string 
 height, intonation, and sometimes the string nut.

*what is an allen wrench?
 the L shaped tool(s) often included with your guitar--
 used to adjust the neck and string height. you should be
 able to purchase these at most any store that sells 
 hardware if you don't have them already.

in order to do a good job of setting up your guitar you will
need patience. DO NOT try to rush the process. take your time
and get it right. it will be worth it in the end.

the following are guidelines i use to setup my guitars. you may
find that slight variations will be more ideal for your playing
style. experimenting can help you zero in on the best setup for

some parts of this guide are geared more to setting up an
electric guitar, but many of the same principles apply to the
acoustic guitar as well. 

making an adjustment to one part of the guitar generally has
an effect on another part of the guitar. with that in mind,
i suggest after going through the below procedures, go back
through them as many times at it takes to zero in on the right
setup for you. 

            neck adjustment

            string height

            string nut

            problem diagnosis (buzzing, pinging)

BASIC WIRING/SOLDERING -- wiring/soldering

I in no way am liable for any damage that occurs to you or your
guitar from inability to follow the procedures on this website
correctly. By using this site you except all responsibility.

this page 2003 jg7